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Through Level One Virtual, you will…

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Elevate Your Practice

Take your personal practice to the next level and master the art of leading the Journey Into Power, the primary postural sequence of Baptiste Power Yoga.

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Sharpen Your Practice

Develop and grow your personal practice and learn to LEAD the Baptiste Power Yoga primary postural sequence, Journey Into Power.

Begin Your Teaching Journey

Upon completion, you will be eligible to receive a Level One Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential, a critical milestone in your Certification Pathway.

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Lead and Instruct

Become eligible to receive a Level One Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential and begin your Certification Pathway by completing Level One.

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Transform Your Mindset

Embrace a new perspective and unlock unlimited possibilities in your personal and professional life through the integration of cutting-edge knowledge and practices.

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Embody New Thinking and Knowledge

Explore a new way of thinking and alter what’s possible in the integration of your personal practice and professional life.

Question: Why Level One?

"You have the potential to make miracles happen in the lives of those you touch, the environment you create, and the people you influence.

"It's who you are at your core. Are you ready to embrace this reality — Then unlock and realize your full potential?

Level One Journey Into Power unlocks the ability for you to deliver the essential practices and techniques of our methodology with ease — tap into that bigger, greater, and faster version of yourself."

~ Baron Baptiste

See FULL Level One Graduate Stories & Reviews Below

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Don't Take Our Word For It...

"Life Changing!"

[Level One: Journey Into Power] was life changing. I can't even put into words what a difference it has made in my life.

-Kelly Alagna
Austin, Texas


The Level One experience opened up a world of possibility in both my personal and professional life. This movement is truly transformational, and I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn under Baron and Leandra.
Thank you!!"

-Ryan Zimmerman
Calgary, Alberta


I have done many training throughout my Yoga Journey. Level One was one of the best experiences by far. Well organized, very challenging, not only on the practice sessions but at the personal level. The community and camaraderie you build during the training helps you go through it all, allowing you to feel supported and loved.

- Monica Thorne
Everett, Washington

"I Was Skeptical!"

This was truly a life changing experience. I was skeptical that I would undergo any significant change to my way of life, but I was open and I am profoundly changed. I have more purpose to my life then I can remember having in the last 10 years.

- Robert Cochran
Helena, Montana

"The More You Commit... The More You Gain"

If you come in with the willingness to be forever changed, then you will be. This program is designed in such a way where the more you commit to the exercises, the more you will gain as a human being.

- Samantha Maloney
Hillsborough, New Jersey

"Satisfied and Fulfilled!"

Level 1 is an absolute game changer. I had no idea what to expect but I never anticipated that I would walk away this satisfied and fulfilled. When people say you should pay for experiences instead of things THIS is what they are talking about.

- Jon Spitz
Buffalo, New York

Experience a New Level of Vitality and Awakening

"I've been continuously amazed by the depth and layers of understanding I discover through my own practice and leading others. Every time I delve deeper into fulfilling the intention of the sequence, I experience a new level of vitality and awakening.

"This continual growth and deepening of my practice opens up new pathways and possibilities, forever altering my perception of what's possible. The journey of practicing and teaching this sequence is truly a pathway to a never-ending depth of discovery."

~ Baron Baptiste

Wait, There's More...

"I Feel Compelled to Fully Dive into the Uncomfortable Space of Transformational Growth."

I've been in the work now for almost a decade. What Level 1 did for me was to take everything I've known about myself in my head to something concrete and tangible I can feel in my heart and in my bones. Because the things that are limiting me are so undeniable, I feel compelled to fully dive into the uncomfortable space of transformational growth.

- Catherine Shaw
Burlingame, California

"Excellent Mind Body Spirit workout"

Thank you Baron and team for the excellent mind body spirit workout. I feel stronger and centered and ready to lead. I recommend Level 1 to anyone interested in taking their life and yoga practice to the next level. Gratitude, Tina

- Tina Hagedorn
Gig Harbor, Washington

"Now the Real Training Begins..."

An incredible week. A privilege. Now the real training begins...

- Andy Sigle
Reston, Virginia

"Far Exceeded... In All Aspects"

Level one training far exceeded my expectations of the program in all aspects

- Jack Franco
New York, New York

"Made Me the Person I am Today"

I will carry the experience of Level One training with me for the rest of my life, the training is truly informational, and made me the person I am today.

- Dean Pollock
St. Catharines, Ontario

"The most impactful experience of my life"

I heard about this program for a while but truly had no idea. This was the most impactful experience of my life that has opened up creating the life that I want now...

Baron is an intuitive, insightful extraordinary person and also just a plain cool laid-back guy.

- Tamara Dixon
Voorhees, New Jersey

"A New Understanding of My Own Practice"

I left with a new understanding of myself and to possibilities for the future. I also came away with a much deeper understanding of my own practice, and an enthusiasm for teaching others. Thank you for making all of this possible.

- Wylie Peterson
San Francisco, California

"I Left With a Completely Full Heart"

I came to Level One with an open mind and am pleased to say that I left with a completely full heart. I got that it's time to turn up the heat in all areas of my life and continue to sit in this fire of transformation. What an inspiring week full of conversation, challenges, support and humanity. Thank You!!

- Stephanie Gilrein
South Yarmouth, Massachusetts

"Get Out of Your Comfort Zone"

Def. NOT a yoga retreat -- but a life changing event filled with yoga, meditation, and self-inquiry. If you want to strengthen your practice, get out of your comfort zone, and connect back to the heart of humanity, then this is for you.

- Sarah Shriver
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Life Altering"

Level 1 is a life altering program and Baron is top notch. I am eternally grateful for the entire experience and the sense of clarity and empowerment that remains.

- Leah MacClellan
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Become a Leader of Leaders

"You have the opportunity through this training to share and express this work with others and make it available to those who previously didn't have these opportunities for growth and development as human beings.

"The Baptiste Institute's aim is to empower leaders to cause other leaders, creating a ripple effect. Through this work, you become a leader of leaders. This is why this work has become so successful, through grassroots organic efforts where people like us spread the practices, causing others to lead themselves and others.

"It's amazing how far-reaching this can be. As a co-leader of this training, I feel like we're at the genesis of something, at the beginning of a journey. It's up to you to express this work out into the world and spread it to the billions of people on the planet. If everyone practiced, we could create a different world."

~ Baron Baptiste

Still On The Fence? Keep Reading...


Baptiste Level One was a phenomenal experience and one that I will not soon forget. The tools obtained for personal and professional growth and the deep connection with others created during our time together is immeasurable. Thank you Baron and the Baptiste Team!!!

- Karen Wood
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

"How to Journey Into My Full Power..."

It is nearly impossible to provide a concise testimony. I experienced a profound shift and transformation in my soul during level 1. The program helped me understand how to journey into my full power! My new way of being is of ease and joy! Much love and appreciation to the entire Baptiste Yoga team.

- Liz Faught
Owensboro, Kentucky

"Hard, Worthwhile, and Impactful"

Level 1 gave me an opportunity to hit the pause button on my life and doing something hard, worthwhile, and impactful for myself! I left with a new way of being, a new excitement for teaching, and the belief I can do more than I ever thought!

- Krista Casale
New Orleans, Louisiana

"I almost backed out!"

"Level One taught me to really better my at home yoga practice with breath, flow, focus and true north proper alignment. I feel so good still and feel as though ""I've landed"" finally!
I am so proud of myself for following through with this training, I almost backed out!"

- Jacqueline Lunsford
Nashua, New Hampshire

"Drift Disrupted!"

Drift Disrupted! My Level One experience brought awareness to my drift and brought a sense of urgency to change them. The power and responsibility lies with me.

- Lindsay Scott
Houston, Texas

"Reintroduced Me to Myself"

Level One reintroduced me to myself and showed me the path to self-empowerment really starts with everything I already have! It was a fantastic opportunity to plug right into the source and work with Baron on the physicalness of the practice and experience his intuitive ability to guide inquiry sessions.

- Christina Alsop
Mississauga, Ontario

Are You All-In?

"Level One training is transformative. The learning and the connections created will last a lifetime and I look forward to seeing how they both play out in my life.

"The program was an amazing immersion into the Baptiste Methodology, which is even more substantial than I realized. Thank you."

- Cindi Odle
Carmel, Indiana

... And that's just a taste of the response we've received from Level One: Journey Into Power graduates.

You're here now, you're reading this page, and by now you're ready to unleash your inner strength, power, and purpose, and propel yourself toward realizing your full potential.

Because of the nature of this immersive program, space is limited.

If you're "All-In," click the "Enroll Now" button below to start your journey now.

... And that's just a taste of the response we've received from Level One: Journey Into Power graduates. 

You're here now, you're reading this page, and by now you're ready to unleash your inner strength, power, and purpose, and propel yourself toward realizing
 your full potential.

Because of the nature of this immersive program, space is limited. 

If you're "All-In," click the "Enroll Now" button below to start your journey now.

"Why Should I Enroll Right Now?"

Level One, Journey Into Power orientation is on Wednesday, March 15th.

Because of the intense personalized nature of a program like this, we are keeping the class size fixed. 

Don't set this aside for later, because "later" may never come. When the class reaches capacity, we're closing the doors. The only way to ensure your space is secure is to click the "Enroll Now" Button now. 

If you're "All-In" and you want to ensure there is still space for you, Click this link now to claim your spot and enroll in Level One: Journey Into Power now >>

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the program suitable for beginners or those with limited yoga experience?

A. Come with experience or come from square one. No matter your level of previous yoga training or development, Level One: Journey Into Power offers an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a highly effective practitioner and instructor of the foundational Baptiste Power Yoga Methodology.

Q. How is the program delivered?

A. On-demand video and audio lectures, physical practices, posture workshops, meditations, and interactive coaching webinars are accessible in a secure training portal. Live sessions with Baron Baptiste and our experienced trainers and coaches are delivered via Zoom. 

Q. Why online power yoga teacher training?

A. It’s difficult to leave your practice, your family, and your responsibilities behind for three weeks to attend the in-person training. In addition, the cost of these programs is prohibitive to many people.

Level One Virtual gives you all the live instruction and individual attention that in-person training offers, but allows you to learn from your own home at a much lower cost than other programs.

Q. How do the live sessions work?

A. Zoom Webinar Calls will take place approximately twice every week during the primary 3 weeks of the program.

Q. What if I miss a live session?

A. The Live Zoom Webinar Calls are not mandatory. They are, however, highly recommended for you to achieve the results that you intend from this training.

All Live Zoom Webinar Calls will be recorded, so if it is impossible for you to attend one of them you will be provided a recording on your Dashboard to use at your own convenience within the 6-week period.

Q. What else comes with the training?

A. Besides the live Zoom Webinars, you’ll have access to Level One Virtual pre-recorded video and audio lectures, physical practices, posture workshops, meditations, and interactive coaching webinars.

Q. Does Level One Virtual lead to Certification?

A. Level One is a Certified Yoga Teacher Training that leads to a Level One Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor Credential. At the conclusion of the program, there is a multiple-choice Exam, and upon successful completion of Level One, you are now eligible to begin your Certification Pathway.